St. Joseph Academy: Leadership Retreat

In August, the leadership team at St. Joseph Academy met for a leadership retreat to prepare to kick off the school year. They designed the agenda to ensure that they met their spiritual, physical, intellectual, and social needs so as to be best prepared to serve those in their care. Joyful T-shirts they donned called them to relax, relate, and release throughout the retreat.
On Facebook, they wrote a prayer for the year for others to join them: “Father, we lift our leaders up to You today. Draw them close to Yourself, Your wisdom, and Your ways through Your grace.”

Sourced from SJA’s Facebook page.

OLSH’s Daily Spiritual Tradition

As the new school year began, OLSH resumed one of its special traditions. After lunch, students share in the praying of the Angelus. Two students read the prayer over the PA system and students join in from their classrooms.
For OLSH and for all students returning to the school year, “Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.”

Sourced from OLSH’s Facebook page.

Madonna University: Victory Day!

Since 2010, students at Madonna University have participated in Victory Day. A former high school teacher and football coach Aaron Segedi created the event after surviving cancer himself. The event focuses on giving young people with cognitive and physical disabilities the opportunity to play football, soccer, and cheer! “It also provides Madonna student-athletes and coaches an opportunity to live out the University’s Franciscan values of respect for the dignity of all people, reverence for creation, and education for truth and service. The event was a huge victory for everyone involved.”

Sourced from Madonna’s Facebook page.

Felician Village Honors National Dog Day

Probably one of the most common depictions of St. Francis of Assisi are ones of him experiencing all of God’s creation, especially animals. Felician Village takes this affinity for animals seriously and on National Dog Day, they acknowledged how blessed they are to bring their residents the opportunity to experience dogs from the comfort of Felician Village.

Sourced from Felician Village’s Facebook page.

St. Anne’s Family Services Celebrates St. Anne

Over the summer, St. Anne’s celebrated the Feast Day of St. Anne and St. Joachim. St. Anne’s was blessed to share in liturgy with Fr. Brendan Busse, SJ, as a presider. The celebration was open to all staff, donors, and friends. The congregants joined in blessing the entire St. Anne’s campus. This beautiful service invited all to find God in one another.

Sourced from St. Anne’s Facebook page.

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