Montessori Center of Our Lady Builds Prayer Corners

At Montessori Center of Our Lady, Mission Leader Gail Jones and students undertook the creation of classroom prayer corner. Each student contributed thoughtfully selected items to adorn the shelves of their prayer corner, demonstrating a deep engagement with the activity. As the students finished the prayer corners, one student said, “I wish we still had our Saint Bingo cards for our prayer corner.” Miss Gail replied, “I have them in my office. Let’s go get them!” This gesture highlights the continuous journey of faith development at MCOL, which transcends mere lessons. True to the Montessori philosophy, the emphasis is on the children’s ability to articulate and implement their learnings, marking the apex of their educational journey and a crucial phase in their self-development and consolidation—a truly beautiful phenomenon – tying together faith and learning.

Roberto Clemente, Jr., Inspires the OLSH Community

This week, OLSH had the honor of hosting Roberto Clemente, Jr., as part of their Speaker Series which is funded by the St. Francis Fund. Clemente, Jr., shared poignant stories about his father, the legendary Pittsburgh Pirates icon Roberto Clemente, and imparted wisdom on leading a life dedicated to faith and service. Clemente, Jr., delved into the profound relationship his father had with Pittsburgh, emphasizing his hard work, respect for fans, and deep-rooted faith. He shared how these values influenced his own life, especially in overcoming personal adversities through faith and altruism, mirroring the path his father had exemplified. Alongside touching insights, Clemente Jr. entertained the audience with amusing anecdotes from his experiences in baseball, underlining the joy and fulfillment derived from helping others and living according to God’s will.
This Speakers Series brings together OLSH and Hopebound – Mooncrest Neighborhood Programs as they have a small committee to find speakers that demonstrate values that align with the Felician Core Values for Ministry.

Thanks to OLSH and their Advancement Team for the photos.

Madonna University Honors MLK Jr

In January, the Madonna community embarked on an impactful journey through the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Series, uniting students, staff, and faculty in engaging dialogues about civil rights, justice, and the essence of freedom. Highlights included inspirational talks by peacemaker Kim Redigan, enlightening personal narratives at a “human library” themed event, and a symbolic pilgrimage retracing Dr. King’s footsteps. As Madonna transitions into February, they will turn their focus to celebrating Black History Month, spotlighting the monumental contributions of Black Americans across history and in contemporary society.

Sourced from Madonna’s Facebook page.

Felician Village – Once a Ship, Always a Ship!

Felician Village recently buzzed with excitement as both residents and staff came together to celebrate a shared bond—their alumni status from Manitowoc’s Lincoln High School, which is marking its centennial. Emblematic of Manitowoc’s lakeside heritage on Roeff’s Hill, the school’s mascot, the Ships, symbolizes the community’s strong ties to Lake Michigan. The celebration saw enthusiastic participation from all quarters, including Darcy Wech, the Director of Nursing, alongside residents, aides, and members of the dining service team. The occasion was highlighted by the proud display of  red towels, a vibrant nod to the school’s rich history and spirit.

Sourced from Angela Hospice’s Facebook page.

Honoring Nancy Lawry – Program Director

Hopebound Ministries -Mooncrest Neighborhood Programs recently celebrated the exceptional contributions of Nancy Lawry, their beloved Program Director. Mooncrest, known for its dedication to supporting the community, offers crucial after-school programs designed to enrich the lives of young students. Under Nancy’s guidance, these initiatives have flourished, providing invaluable resources and opportunities for learning and growth outside the traditional classroom setting. This celebration highlights Nancy’s unwavering commitment and the positive impact of Mooncrest’s programs on the local community.

Sourced from Mooncrest’s Facebook page.

Mission Leader Forum Lights the Fire Again

Felician Services recently convened Mission Leaders from across North America to reaffirm their dedication to the enduring charism of the Felician Sisters. This assembly provided a unique opportunity for participants to connect with their peers, delve into the depths of spirituality, and embark on the important task of developing and editing a mission integration curriculum. The event was marked by profound discussions and collaborative efforts, aimed at deepening the understanding of the Felician Sisters’ values and how they can be applied in contemporary contexts. This initiative reflects a continued commitment to nurturing a community that is guided by faith, compassion, and a shared purpose of service.
A highlight of the event was heading to the Chicago convent one evening to meet with the Sisters there and share a Chicago-style pizza supper. S Jeremy Marie Midura, EVP Mission, also introduced Mission Leaders to the Mission and Heritage theme for 2024: The Lord has done great things for us. We are filled with Joy. This theme is meant to celebrate the Sisters’ 150 years of presence in North America. We look forward to seeing how ministries and Mission Leaders collaborate to bring about this theme.

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