Montessori Center of Our Lady Celebrates Catholic Sisters Week

As Catholic Sisters Week drew to a close, a heartwarming exchange unfolded between Montessori Center of Our Lady, a program of Felician Sisters Child Care Centers, and the Felician Sisters. The Felician Sisters of North America, true to their Franciscan heritage, share a concern for the Care of the Earth, an imperative inspired by Pope Francis’ Laudato Si. Under the guidance of Art Instructor Miss Aria, students from toddler to elementary age crafted special bowls from recycled fabric, a nod to sustainability and creativity. These bowls, envisioned as keepsake containers for hairpins or crosses, were hand-delivered to the Sisters at the Livonia convent by the young artisans themselves. The exchange was marked by songs from both students and Sisters, creating a memorable moment of gratitude and community spirit.

HNMCS Reenacts the Stations of the Cross

During Holy Week, students at Holy Name of Mary College School participated in a respectful and moving Stations of the Cross. Students respectfully reverenced the cross and all were called to holy reflection.

Villa Maria College Celebrates Catholic Sisters Week with Cabrini

During Catholic Sisters Week, Villa Maria College treated Felician Sisters to a viewing of Cabrini. Similar to the Felician Sisters and their arrival in the United States just prior to the 20th Century, Mother Cabrini supported immigrant communities as they faced the plights of disease and poverty. Like Blessed Mary Angela and the five Felician pioneers who came to North America, Mother Cabrini rallied those around her via charism to support those most in need.

Villa St. Francis Weaves Palm Leaf Crosses

Holy Week at Villa St. Francis kicked off as the community gathered for Palm Sunday Mass. The spirit of the season continued as residents and staff were treated to a unique experience led by SM Victoria Richardson. Under her expert guidance, attendees mastered the traditional craft of palm weaving, transforming simple branches into intricate crosses, roses, and various creative designs. These handcrafted palm creations serve as sacred symbols, commemorating the victory and triumph of Jesus over sin and death. Thanks, Sr. Vicky, for sharing your expertise!

St. Anne’s Family Services: Building Relationships

In a recent visit to St. Anne’s Family Services, Gina Zapanta, friend to St. Anne’s, introduced Doria Ragland to Dana Valenzuela, Mission Leader, and the comprehensive services and programs available for children, youth, and families. Doria, known for her dedicated work as a social worker within the community, learned more about the ministry’s efforts. Doria is mother to Meghan Markle who has also previously been a friend to St. Felix Centre in Toronto.

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