Enfield Montessori & Chiaravalle Academy Share the Nativity

On a clear December morning, the young students of Enfield Montessori School breathed vibrant life into the nativity story. Nestled on the chapel’s steps, under a watchful star, they gathered with a sense of wonder and devotion to honor the sacred birth of the Holy Child Jesus. This enchanting scene was followed by an unexpected twist: a visit from the beloved man in red, who made a grand, roaring entrance on a motorcycle, bringing smiles and excitement to all.

Sourced from EMS’s Facebook page.

OLSH Opens Chapel to All to Celebrate Advent

OLSH extended an invitation to families and the wider community to convene in the Chapel for an evening steeped in the spirit of the Advent season. This gathering demonstrated devotion and joy, with attendees immersing themselves in the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. The power of collective adoration and personal prayers, interwoven with a chorus of hymns and carols, reached the heavens. The evening left hearts aglow with faith and fellowship.

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Felician University Celebrates the Season

Felician University, buoyed by the enthusiastic guidance of Mission Leader Fr. Tom Franks, OFM, orchestrated a dazzling Festival of Lights, a splendid tribute to the festive season. The evening unfurled as a kaleidoscope of joy and unity, beginning with an interreligious prayer. The highlight was the tree lighting ceremony, casting a warm, inviting glow. Guests indulged in a feast for the senses with food and hot chocolate, while the air was filled with the merry tunes of caroling. The event offered a wonderland of activities: attendees could bring joy to life by “stuffing a plush” snowman, capture memories in whimsical photo booths, and unleash their creativity with bracelet making.

Sourced from Felician University’s Facebook page.

St. Anne Home Honors the Recently Departed

At the end of November, St. Anne honored all those who passed during the year. This solemn and heart-touching service was gracefully anchored by a memorial mass, a poignant ritual that resonated deeply with all present. During liturgy there was a reading of the names of those St. Anne Home lost followed by the ringing of wind chimes in their honor.

Sourced from St. Anne Home’s Facebook page.

Felician Center, Inc.: Community Donations Grow

Felician Center, Inc. paints a picture of ever-growing compassion and community spirit. According to Felician Center, Inc., “Each year more and more businesses, organizations, schools and individuals respond to assist others in need . . . Donations stock the Food Pantry, purchase Christmas gifts for families, provide gifts for Vital Aging and Williamsburg Residential Facility.”

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Collaboration: Celebrating Graduation with Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation

Recently, VP Ministry Expansion, Jeanne Jacobson, has been part of a group leading up initiatives with Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation and Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church to bring a job training program to people looking to improve their job-readiness. For seven weeks, this team worked tirelessly to develop and grow in professional skills that will prepare them for the future. The graduation ceremony was capped with a delicious luncheon prepared by Chef Q, another organization that supports people and with whom Felician Services is collaborating.
The program included a vibrant groupof  projects and insightful guest speakers from across the city, each day brimming with new knowledge and opportunities for meaningful connections. “You never know who’s in the room, or what it might lead to!” exclaimed one participant, their words echoing the excitement and potential of every encounter.
The hope of this program is that people will be able to secure  job opportunities, pursue further education, or engage in interviews with partner companies. The graduates, beaming with pride over their achievements, were the heart of a jubilant celebration that resonated with everyone involved.
Immense gratitude extends to all the partners who were instrumental in making this program a resounding success: the skilled trainers Verda Wilkerson and Pastor Rodney Patterson from Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, the culinary artistry of @chefqibraheem, the dedicated PBMR volunteers, and the inspiring guest speakers who generously shared their time and wisdom with Team PBMR. This collaboration not only changed lives but also strengthened the fabric of the community.

You can find more information about PBMR here.

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