St. Joseph Academy Honors All Souls Day on the Day of the Dead

On November 2nd, St. Joseph Academy honored the Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, a traditional Mexican holiday celebrated November 2nd which we also honor in the Catholic Church as All Souls Day. Community members at SJA were invited to bring photos and items to the ofrenda to remember loved ones lost. The celebration seeks to bring joy to those who honor the lives of those they have lost. At the top of the ofrenda sits a photo of Blessed Mary Angela as reminder of the great gift she has given to all of us who continue to minister in her name.

Sourced from SJA’s Facebook page.

HNMCS Hosts Fireside Chat

During Mission and Heritage Week, Associate Mission Leader Matthew Snowdon hosted a fireside chat with SM Celestine Giertych, one of the founding teachers of the school, former Minister General, and current HNMCS Board Director. SM Celestine was able to bring her deep love and reverence for Blessed Mary Angela to a new generation of HNMCS students as they deepen their connection with the Felician tradition.

Sourced from HNMCS’s Leadership Team.

Villa Maria College Peace Site Visit

Villa Maria College proudly identifies itself as a designated peace site. Recently, Don Monnin, Mission Leader, took interested Villa community members on a Unity Walk, affirming their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Walkers spent time reflecting and discussing how they can make Villa and the world more equitable and just for all.

Sourced from VMC’s Facebook page.

Angela Hospice Promotes Health Literacy

During October, Health Literacy Month, Angela Hospice took steps to raise awareness about finding, understanding, and using information related to healthcare options. Angela Hospice, situated in the greater Detroit area, supports all community members, particularly those in chronically underserved communities, to understand healthcare options through their Speakers Bureau, the African American Church Empowerment Project (launched in part with the St. Francis Fund), and the Faith Community Empowerment Project. Angela Hospice has a deep tradition of availing itself in the Felician spirit to communities struggling with need and grief.

Sourced from Angela Hospice’s website.

Volume Up: McGuire Memorial Podcast

McGuire Memorial has recently begun a podcast – available anywhere you get your podcasts – called¬†McGuire Moments.¬†On the most recent episode, President Chris Shay, Director of Risk Management Josh Antoon, and Chief School Administrator Kim Lieb discussed McGuire events, how McGuire celebrated Mission & Heritage Week, and the history of the School at McGuire. Take a listen to these episodes today to deepen your understanding of how McGuire lives out Blessed Mary Angela’s call to serve where they are needed.

You can find all the podcasts here on McGuire Moments!

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