Chiaravalle Academy Students Participate in Model UN

Chiaravalle Academy middle school students recently made their mark at the Montessori Model United Nations (MMUN) Conference in New York City. Embracing roles as UN ambassadors, they delved into global issues such as climate change, sustainable development, and human rights through the lens of the Montessori philosophy, which prioritizes independent thinking and empathy. This event not only enriched their understanding of international relations but also underscored the importance of cooperation and peace. It showcased how the Montessori method prepares young individuals to engage thoughtfully and effectively in global dialogues, emphasizing their role as future leaders and problem solvers on the world stage. This activity supports the development of young minds in alignment with the Felician Core Value for Ministry – Justice & Peace.

HNMCS Community Participates in CANstruction

Students from Holy Name of Mary College School showcased their creativity and community spirit by participating in Canstruction, a global charity event where participants build innovative structures entirely out of canned food. This unique competition, blending art, engineering, and philanthropy, allowed students to apply their skills in a fun, collaborative environment while contributing to a worthy cause. After the event, all canned goods used in their impressive constructions were donated to local food banks, providing much-needed relief to those facing food insecurity. The project not only highlighted the students’ ingenuity and teamwork but also their commitment to making a tangible difference in their community through their innovative creations. The school’s Social Justice Council organized this event and students provided the donated cans.

Felician University Spotlights Black History Month

Felician University, as a part of Black History Month, recently hosted “Roots and Routes.” Don Jones, Board of Trustees members, hosted this discussion panel.  This event enabled Felician University students to discuss the experiences of being a Black student or professional in higher education, while also fostering awareness, understanding, empowerment, and community building. This event showcased Felician University’s commitment to Justice & Peace initiatives.

Winter Warm-Up with a Hot Cocoa Bar at St. Anne Home

St. Anne Home recently lifted team spirits when it hosted a hot cocoa bar. As they wrote on Facebook, “On those chilly winter days what tastes better than a hot much of Hot Cocoa. Add a little marshmallow, some peppermint, maybe even a little bit of cinnamon. However you like to make your Hot Chocolate warm your soul.” St. Anne Home Mission Leader Cheri Hall helped to support this event for the team.

Felician Center, Inc., and Thorne Ave. Residents Observe Black History Month

In 2021, Felician Center initiated a home improvement project for Thorne Avenue residents, fostering a community spirit that led to ongoing educational gatherings. Bi-monthly, residents engage with local emergency services and organizations for enrichment. Recently, nine residents and the Felician Sisters visited the Williamsburg Historical Museum for a presentation on significant local African American contributions. The visit, enhanced by music and dance, concluded with dinner at Downtown Café, marking many attendees’ first visit to both the museum and the restaurant. This experience not only educated but also promoted local businesses, with promises of future visits with family and church groups.

Sourced from Felician Center’s website.

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