St. Mary Child Care Center Collects Cereal for People Experiencing Hunger

Demonstrating that even the youngest among us can contribute to the Spiritual Renewal of the World, in line with the Felician Core Values for Ministry, St. Mary Child Care Center in Livonia, MI, has been hosting a cereal drive. SMCCC is conducting the drive in collaboration with Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation and Gleaners Food Bank.
By helping to collect cereal, SMCCC supports more than 300,000 children in southeast Michigan who rely on their school for meals and might otherwise go hungry during the summer months.

*sourced from the St. Mary Child Care Center Facebook page.

OLSH Prays for Uvalde

Following the recent gun violence that claimed the lives of 19 children and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas, the faculty and staff at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart High School in Coraopolis, PA, convened in the chapel. OLSH faculty and staff honored the lives of those lost in the Uvalde tragedy this week, and prayed for safety and change in the world.

*sourced from the OLSH Facebook page

Villa Maria College Alumna and Parent of Man Wounded in Tops Supermarket Shooting Responds with Action

As the horror of the racist, murderous attack at the Tops Supermarket in Buffalo, NY became clear, Dr. Matthew Giordano, President of Villa Maria College, indicated that the son of a current Board of Trustees member, Zeneta Everhart ’08, had been injured during the event. Her son, Zaire Goodman, had also attended Villa Maria College.
Dr. Giordano indicated that “Zeneta is Villa personified.” He went on to say, “she represents everything we believe in, everything we aspire to be and do. As an alum, a Trustee, a parent, and a vital part of our family, she uses her considerable talents and intellect to make our community better, living out our core values each and every day. She is beloved, here and throughout Western New York.”
To take action, Zeneta testified at a House Oversight Committee after an invitation from her Congressman.

Additionally, she invites others to take action through Zeneta and Zaire’s Book Wishlist which is an an Amazon List. Should you choose to support this, books you order will be shipped directly to Zeneta who will work to distribute them in her community.
“When a white supremacist opened fire at a Buffalo grocery store on Saturday, May 14th, Zeneta Everhart’s son Zaire was the first person shot. Zaire was helping an elderly woman with her cart, when he was shot in the neck. By a miracle, he survived. 10 others were targeted and killed simply because of the color of their skin. When asked how our country can do better, Zeneta repeated one thing: educating our children. From a young age, she says kids need to learn about race and racism and black history, so that we can foster a new generation of inclusive and compassionate leaders. By purchasing a book from this list, you’re investing in that vision. Zeneta and Zaire will distribute these books to community centers, schools, and local organizations to start these conversations at a grassroots level here in Buffalo, N.Y.”
You can purchase books towards this wishlist through this link.

* sourced from Villa Maria College Facebook page and Blog

Angela Hospice Partner Delivers Beautiful Grounds As a Service to Those Experiencing Grief

Angela Hospice in Livonia, Mi, recognizes the collegiality and cooperation of vendors in bringing about the Spiritual Renewal of the World. Recently, the Angela Hospice blog featured the work of Kris Beers of ABL Landscaping. Kris clearly takes his work as a landscaper and grounds planner seriously, and as a result of his 26 years of serving this ministry in Livonia, he has a sense of the important work that Angela Hospice provides for its clients and caretakers during what might be their darkest of days. Kris has caught onto the Felician Core Values for Ministry through his encounters with the team at Angela Hospice.
Read more about his experience here.

McGuire Memorial Earns Workplace Award

McGuire Memorial in New Brighton, PA, recently learned that it had received an award. The McGuire Memorial Safety Committee was presented with the 2021 Encova Safety Recognition Award. McGuire Memorial was nominated from approximately 500 clients of Encova’s Western Pennsylvania region for their excellence in safety practices and policies. McGuire’s Safety Committee is dedicated to leading the way in work place safety.
With the Felician Core Values for Ministry Leading the way, the team of McGuire Memorial treats all of its residents and guests with dignity.

*sourced from the McGuire Memorial Facebook page

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