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St. Joseph Academy Lifts Girls Up

Middle school girls at St. Joseph Academy recently spent some time exploring the topic of self esteem and learning to appreciate and recognize their own inner and outer beauty. CEO Dr. Tabia Jones shared a heartfelt message with the girls that started with encouraging the girls to look in a mirror and say to themselves, “Good Morning Gorgeous!” This compassionate self-care models skills the girls should adopt for a life-time.
Many SJA teachers and staff helped to facilitate small groups of sharing. The girls left with a care box filled with goodies and essentials and a BIG SMILE on their face!
Thank you to United Way of Greater Milwaukee for providing the care boxes for the students.

*sourced from the St. Joseph Academy Facebook page.

ICHS Grad Educates Youth about Human Trafficking

Maria Elisa Escobar, ICHS Class of 2018, graduated from Pace University in May with a major in Women’s and Gender Studies and minors in Psychology and Peace and Justice Studies. Currently, she is the Communications Coordinator for World Without Exploitation, a national coalition combatting human trafficking and sexual exploitation, causes dear to the Felician Sisters. In 2020, she also co-founded The World Without Exploitation Youth Coalition, a network of youth ages 15-28 using educational strategies, advocacy, and awareness raising initiatives to combat human trafficking and sexual exploitation.
Maria Elisa’s role in the Youth Coalition emphasizes the importance and power of using social platforms to create change in the digital age. In 2021, Maria Elisa presented at the United Nation’s 65th Commission on the Status of Women on how youth are leading the fight against human trafficking and using social media as a tool for prevention and education. She is currently taking a gap year before starting law school in 2023, where she plans to pursue a career in public interest and work with survivors of gender-based violence.
On July 13th, The WorldWE Youth Coalition will be hosting an in-personal educational Youth Summit at Brooklyn Law School. Youth advocates, experts, and survivor leaders will discuss their experiences and expertise on curated main stage panels and interactive workshops. She demonstrates that ICHS provides students with the foundation to be leaders long after they leave the halls of ICHS and embody the Felician Core Values for Ministry.
*Sourced from the ICHS Facebook page.

Felician University Hosts Forum and Spotlights Sustainability

Felician University promoted Peace and Justice, Felician Core Values for Ministry, through an inaugural Innovation kNowledge eXchange of 2022 (INX22), a two-day international forum, focused on sharing groundbreaking, innovative, global, and sustainable solutions to some of the world’s top challenges.
Presented by Felician University’s Lenke Family Center for InnovationCenter for Academic Technology, and its Buildings & Grounds Department, and the Royal Academy of Science International Trust, INX22 will brought together global and local business trailblazers; corporate social responsibility decisionmakers; philanthropy professionals; and U.S. and international university staff, faculty and students.
INX22 combined sustainability best practice presentations from industry leaders, problem solving inspiration, and a student case study competition where teams presented to a worldwide audience at the United Nations.
The forum included:
  • Day 1: At the American Dream complex, attendees heard from and networked with business leaders who shared their journeys, enlightened participants, and showed how they blaze new sustainability directions within their organizations.
  • Day 2: The United Nations in New York City hosted a student case study competition, featuring teams from universities across the globe. Teams developed and presented a solution to the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goal 3, focused on “Good Health and Well-Being,” which is one of its 17 Sustainable Development Goals established in 2015. The official mission statement for this goal is: “Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.” This competition was broadcasted to a worldwide audience on UN WebTV.

* sourced from Felician University Facebook page and website.

Felician Village Goes Purple for Alzheimer’s Walk

Felician Village has long committed to the needs of people experiencing dementia and/or Alzheimer’s. Several years ago, Felician Village received a St. Francis Fund grant to support their Snoezelen Room and portable devices which support people experiencing these conditions.
To further support dementia and Alzheimer’s more globally, Felician Village went purple for a purpose during June. Recently the Bistro and the Café served special purple food and beverages. They also had an EVERYTHING PURPLE table where staff could donate with all profits supporting the FV Alzheimer’s walk team. To support the Felician Village team, click here.

Sourced from the Felician Village Facebook page.

St. Felix Centre Vaccinates Pets

Long committed to the people who need them as well as their pets, St. Felix Centre recently hosted a pet vaccination clinic in collaboration with VCA Animal Hospitals. With the support of the amazing and positive vibes team from @vcacada, the 69 Fraser Respite site hosted a free cat and dog rabies vaccine clinic for anyone in the community who needed help keeping their pets healthy and wagging their tails. The initiative also included a pet food pantry, nail trimming, flea treatment, and other supports for these important companions. At the end of the event, more than 70 pets saw the vets and received their treats, food, and vaccinations.
The relationship with VCA Canada has been instrumental in St. Felix Centre’s ability to support four-legged guests and the evolution of the P.A.W.S. Program 🐾. You can learn more about St. Felix Centre’s P.A.W.S. Program here. Compassionate care for the St. Felix Centre guests and their furry companions demonstrates a commitment to the Felician Franciscan heritage of the center.

*sourced from the St. Felix Centre Facebook page

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