Enhancing our mission, vision, and identity

As with many of you, this past year at Felician Services offered opportunities to express teamwork in new ways – both as our own internal team as well as with you – the Felician-Sponsored Ministries. Our understanding of our services to the Our Lady of Hope Province continues to evolve as does our service to you – the Felician-Sponsored Ministries.

We are excited to share with you a refresh on our mission, vision, and tagline as well as refreshed logos for the Felician-Sponsored Ministries. The video on the bottom of this page will explain some of our process.

From the Mission Integration Policy, effective July 1, 2017, as signed by the Our Lady of Hope Provincial Minister:

10. Each ministry identifies itself as a Felician-Sponsored Ministry in its publications and communications to employees and the public.

Additionally, to access the logos for the Felician-Sponsored Ministries/a Felician-Sponsored Ministry, please click here. (under Felician-Sponsored Ministries Logo – password available from your VP Mission).


Felician Services, Inc., empowers, challenges, and supports ministry leadership in Christ to further the spiritual renewal of the world.


That God may be known, loved, and glorified in all and by all.


Serving where we are needed.

Please watch this video to understand branding the ministry as a Felician-Sponsored Ministry.