As the Corporate Member of the Our Lady of Hope Province of the Felician Sisters of North America, it is Felician Services’ great pleasure to safeguard the province’s interests at the Felician-Sponsored Ministries by assuring the integrity of the reserved powers at the ministries as related to the canonical duties of faith and administration of a canonical work.
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Announcement: March 2022

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Submit Ministry Impact

Felician Services, Inc., has broken out three of the areas which contribute to the annual Ministry Impact Report. These areas include:

  • Ministry Impact Story: a specific story of ministry impact which reflects the Felician Core Values for Ministry or the Five Calls of Felician Sponsorship in action.
  • Student Service Hours and Community Service: activities organized by ministries as well as by individual students whereby students perform service hours required for graduation. On an annual basis, we ask each ministry to submit any community service activities as well as a separate recording of the tally of all student service hours completed as required for graduation at the ministry.
  • Community Benefit: The identification of those goods and services offered without charge to a local community as a direct outreach, often beyond the internal work of the ministry. It demonstrates and measures an organization’s commitment to its broader mission, especially as it renders service to the greater community, either locally or in some place or region of special need. It also demonstrates the fulfillment of the requirements for tax-exemption, especially in health care.

Felician Services, Inc., suggests partners in ministry record these stories and events with great frequency to ensure we tell a well-rounded story of the collective ministry impact of the Felician-Sponsored Ministries on an annual basis.

To preview the content of these Ministry Impact/Community Benefit online forms, please review these downloadable templates (please be certain to come back to this page and complete your submissions electronically via the online forms above):

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