Felician Services, Inc., has over 30 years of service in supporting leadership at the Felician-Sponsored Ministries.

Watch the video here to review a brief history of Felician Services, Inc.

In service to the Mother of Good Counsel Province (Chicago 1910 –2009)
Sponsored Health Care Ministries:

  • St. Mary’s Hospital — Centralia, IL
  • St. Francis Hospital — Milwaukee, WI
  • St. Mary’s Home — Manitowoc, WI

Sponsored Education Ministries

  • Good Counsel High School — Chicago, IL
  • South Day Care Center of St. Joseph — Milwaukee, WI
  • New Province formed from the eight former Provinces in North America
  • Need for a Governance Structure
  • Unanimous Decision of the Journey in Hope Steering Committee to engage Felician Services, Inc., as the “Corporate Member”
  • Corporate Member engaged to support the 30+ Sponsored Ministries

Provincial Administration in Beaver Falls, PA
“Reserved Powers” of the Our Lady of Hope Provincial Council over Felician Services:

  • Felician Services Board Chair
  • Felician Services Chief Executive Officer
  • Felician Services President


  • Mergers and Consolidations
  • Sales, Sponsorship Transfer or Closure of Church Patrimony (i.e., assets)
  • Felician Core Values for Ministry
  • Felician Services Strategic Plan and Strategic Financial Plan
  • Felician Services Board Policies
  • Felician Services Accountability Report

About Felician Services, Inc.

About Us

Felician Services accounts to the Provincial Council for the integrity of the Felician Mission in each of the Province’s sponsored ministries. Felician Services provides resources and oversight in the following areas:

  • Mission Integration and Catholic identity
  • Strategic Governance
  • Operational Leadership
  • Program/Service Quality
  • Financial Viability
  • Corporate Responsibility

Felician Services provides the Council with information on each ministry to enhance the Council’s decisions in line with their reserved powers.

Felician Services’ primary responsibilities to the Sponsors are as follows:

  • To promote and sustain the Church’s mission in the world
    • Spiritual and corporal works of mercy
    • Answer a need in the name of the Church (through the Mission, Vision, and the Felician Core Values for Ministry)
  • To assure each ministry’s fidelity to the mission of the Church and the congregation
    • Mission, Vision and Felician Core Values of Ministry serve as a foundation and permeate all aspects of each ministry’s operation