Felician Services safeguards the interests of the Felician Sisters of North America at the Felician­-Sponsored Ministries.

SM Susanne Dziedzic, Administrator at Felician Center, a Felician-Sponsored Ministry in Kingstree, South Carolina, shares the joy of after school learning with two community members.
Ministry Leaders and community leaders at Felician Children’s Center, a Felician Sponsored Ministry in Jackson, Michigan, celebrate its ribbon cutting in August 2015.

The Role & Responsibility of Felician Services

Felician Services provides the Our Lady of Hope Provincial Council with expertise and competent and reliable advice to allow the Council to make informed decisions to exercise their reserved powers for the Felician­-Sponsored Ministries. Felician Services keeps the Our Lady of Hope Provincial Council informed and make recommendations to them regarding the direction of sponsored ministries and significant industry trends.

Felician Services assures the Our Lady of Hope Provincial Council that sponsored ministries manage in accordance with the Mission Integration Policy which is consistent with Catholic Social Teaching, with sound and ethical business practices, with quality standards appropriate to the industry, and with the reserved powers established by the Our Lady of Hope Province as delineated in the sponsored ministry bylaws.

Felician Services safeguards the sponsored ministries’ assets and assure their ministries’ present and future financial viability. We serve as a channel to facilitate the creation, protection and use of knowledge and information across the Felician-Sponsored Ministries.

More than anything, it’s Felician Services greatest honor to support and serve the Our Lady of Hope Provincial Council as requested.

The Role of the Senior Ministry Advisor

The Felician Services Senior Ministry Advisor has oversight responsibility for the assigned ministries as determined by the Felician Services President. Oversight responsibilities include providing support and serving as a resource to site Administrators. The Senior Ministry Advisor, with support from the Corporate Services, Sponsorship and Mission Operations, and Finance Teams, assures the integrity of the Felician reserved powers related to mission integration, financial viability and program/service quality and corporate responsibility.

The Senior Ministry Advisor represents and serves the sponsors, the Felician Sisters, through Felician Services, Inc., the sole corporate member of the respective incorporated ministries. This includes serving as a member of his/her assigned ministries’ Board of Directors. The Senior Ministry Advisor establishes effective relationships with site Boards and site Administrators to accomplish these responsibilities.

The Senior Ministry Advisor supports the ministry in acquiring resources to assess itself around the Ministry Assessment Policy.

The Role of the VP of Mission:

The Felician Services VP of Mission provides comprehensive support to Ministry Leaders and Mission Leaders to ensure each ministry embeds the Mission and Felician Core Values for Ministry into every level of its work.

  • To support the development and deepening of the Felician Charism, Franciscan Spirituality and Catholic Identity within all ministries.
  • To provide formation opportunities and experiences through mission programming and formative facilitation/processes.
  • To help others explore and engage in reflection that is theological, spiritual and personal.
  • To support Senior Ministry Advisors in ensuring that operational elements integrate Mission and Core Values.
  • Provide oversight, resources and support for the implementation of the Mission Integration Policy in assigned sponsored ministries.
  • Work collaboratively with ministry site leadership regarding mission integration.
  • Collaborate to assure the viability and sustainability of the Felician Mission and Core Values education and formation processes within the Felician‐Sponsored ministries.
  • Serve as a member of the Mission Operations Team.
  • Identify Mission education needs, develops resources to meet those needs, and supports progress of the site Mission Integration Plan implementation process.
  • Conduct on‐site visits at Felician‐Sponsored ministries to support and assess mission integration, as requested and/or needed.
  • Participate in the planning and delivery of the semi‐annual Mission Leaders meetings.
  • Serve in a coaching and mentoring relationship to Mission Leaders and other ministry leadership, as appropriate.
  • Board and Leadership Formation: Development of “curricula” and facilitation of processes for spiritual and theological reflection.
  • Board/leadership/staff Retreats.
  • On‐going Felician Services Mission Integration Policy development and oversight.
  • Values‐based Strategic Planning for ministries.
  • Staff in‐servicing/facilitation around mission, core values, conflict, values‐based decision making, etc.
  • Facilitation of on‐going formation of the Felician Services team.
  • All matters dealing with Mission Integration within ministries.
  • Matters of Ethics, Ecclesiology, Church Teaching, Theology, Faith Formation, etc.