Felician Services’ Mission & Vision lay the course for the work we do to support the Felician-Sponsored Ministries.

SM Susanne Dziedzic, Administrator at Felician Center, a Felician-Sponsored Ministry in Kingstree, South Carolina, shares the joy of after school learning with two community members.


Ministry Leaders and community leaders at Felician Children’s Center, a Felician Sponsored Ministry in Jackson, Michigan, celebrate its ribbon cutting in August 2015.


Felician Services, Inc., empowers, challenges, and supports leadership in Christ to further the spiritual renewal of the world.

  • Leadership: Provincial Council, Sisters, boards, ministry leadership, collaborators in ministry.
  • Spiritual renewal of society: In our Felician-Sponsored Ministries . . .
    • We are committed to better the human condition through our ministries.
    • We work to repair social conditions that hinder fullness of life for individuals and communities.
    • We respond to the needs of the whole person with special attention to those of the human spirit.

Felician Services, Inc., will be a catalyst for innovation and positive change collaborating with ministry leadership to identify and empower religious and laity in sustaining ministries in the Felician Sisters’ heritage.

  • Catalyst: A person or thing acting as the stimulus in bringing about or hastening a result.
  • Ministry leadership: May include leadership from the Felician Provincial Council, Felician Services, Inc., Felician‐Sponsored Ministries (local boards and site administrators), other Catholic ministries.
  • Empower: To equip or supply a person with an ability; assumes formation of the person’s moral, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions.
  • Felician Sisters’ heritage: The Sponsor’s heritage or charism, i.e., to imitate Blessed Mary Angela’s boundless love of God and surrender to God’s will in Compassionate service, total availability, and concern for the salvation of all people.