FSCCC Montessori Center of Our Lady – Family Game Night

Leaders at Montessori Center of Our Lady (MCOL), a Felician Sisters Child Care Centers (FSCCC) program, recently hosted a family game night to bring together students and their primary caregivers – their parents and families – for a night of food and fun. MCOL treated guests to pizza and plenty of games and puzzles. Children and their parents were able to build stronger family relationships – the foundation which will help to grow loving, empathetic children.

Sourced from MCOL’s Facebook page.

HNMCS Fires up the Griddle on Shrove Tuesday and Prepares to Enter Lent

On Shrove Tuesday, as our Canadian friends call it (those of us in the US call it Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday), faculty and staff at Holy Name of Mary College School (HNMCS) treated each and every student to a box of freshly made pancakes. Where does this pancake tradition come from? As Catholics and Christians know, the origins of “Shrove Tuesday” (or “Fat Tuesday”) sometimes includes some indulgence ahead of a period of fasting and prayer. According to the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC), “In Commonwealth countries like Canada, pancakes are the indulgence of choice, meaning the day is also commonly known as Pancake Tuesday.” Following Shrove Tuesday, on Ash Wednesday, HNMCS students did indeed gather at liturgy to receive their ashes and begin the holy season of Lent. Whether in the making of pancakes or in gathering to receive ashes, the entire HNMCS community was reminded of the importance of the deep-rooted faith involved in each event.

Sourced from HNMCS’s Facebook page.

Felician University Raises Awareness of Equity and Justice during Black History Month

The Black Student Union at Felician University commemorated Black History Month and invited students to attend engagement events during the month of February, which included a “Love Is” roundtable discussion, a “know your rights” discussion with a panel from various local law enforcement agencies, and a “Cross the Line” exercise to bring awareness to privilege. Additionally, on social media, Felician amplified and recognized Felician Falcons of color. The Black Student Union worked to bring about awareness, equity, and justice for the community of color at Felician.

Sourced from Felician’s Facebook page.

Villa St. Francis: Honors Sr. Ramona’s Ministry of Presence

Recently, Villa St. Francis (VSF) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, honored SM Ramona Dombrowski for her steady presence at VSF over the past year during a period of interim leadership and between Mission Leaders. Many gathered at Villa to celebrate SM Ramona, including members from Felician Services’ Executive Leadership Team (ELT), the Mission Integration Team (MIT), and Dave Ward (Senior Ministry Advisor).  Key leaders at Villa, including Kurt Keidl, OSF, newly appointed Mission Leader at Villa, began the event with a prayer service. As in so many moments of transformation and celebration, a reception with delicious treats and warm conversation followed.

Shared with us by S Jeremy Marie Midura, EVP Mission.

St. Felix Centre Takes to the Streets on the Coldest Night of the Year and Goes International

On February 25th, St. Felix Centre (SFC) in Toronto took to the streets to recognize the Coldest Night of the Year. This year, the Coldest Night went international as Sisters from the convents in Buffalo and Chicago joined St. Felix Centre at their respective convent locations to participate in their own walks.
The Coldest Night serves to remind people of the difficult circumstances people experiencing homelessness and other complex challenges encounter as they struggle through extreme weather patterns in the winter. As a result of the annual event, SFC has raised over $59,000 (USD) to support the people in need that they encounter.

Sourced from multiple places, including SFC’s Facebook page.

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