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Ministry Impact provides a review of metrics and stories to demonstrate the ongoing effect that the Felician Sponsored Ministries have on the communities they serve.
As the Member to the Felician-Sponsored Ministries, it’s Felician Services’ great pleasure to share with the Our Lady of Hope Province the multiple ways that the ministries carry out the Sisters’ mission and the Felician Core Values for Ministry on a daily basis. By compiling this information, it provides some qualitative and quantifiable measures that affirm the good works that the ministry does in the name of the Felician Sisters.
Included in it are numbers that Felician Services pulls, sometimes with support from the ministry:
  • St. Francis Fund Impact
  • Sponsor Visit Impact
  • Cash value of Financial Aid
  • Cash value of Charity Care

The ministry would find it useful to share this report with your local board as well as your staff to engage them as part of the Felician family. Some ministries have found it useful to provide the report to funders and in grant proposals to demonstrate the broad commitment to the mission and vision of the Felician Sisters across North America.

Please complete the entry on this page by November 18th so that our team can be in touch with you to custom gather your story and information.
Thank you!
We ask the ministries to provide the following two areas:

Ministry Impact Story

    • We would like one compelling story of how Ministry Leadership collaborated to respond to the needs of the times over the past two to three years. This story might reflect how the ministry responded to a need made evident because of COVID impacts, staff needs, or other needs. The response to the needs of the time should show a demonstrated impact on your community – whether within the ministry walls or outside the ministry walls.
      • Step 1: Assemble with your leadership team to brainstorm the potential story you want to share. If you would like support from your VP Mission integration and the storytelling team, let’s get a calendar date together. Contact your VP Mission to get the ball rolling.
      • Step 2: Give us a draft summary of the story (button appears at the top of this page!). As we need to collect information from 30 ministries, it’s important that you provide information on the form so that we can do due diligence to collecting from all ministries. Thank you in advance.
      • Step 3: After you have provided a draft summary, we will work individually with each ministry to decide the best way to gather and portray the story. We might ask you to make a video telling the story; in some cases, we may want to come to you to film video ourselves. In some cases, we may just provide a written narrative. Felician Services will be the information gatherer and the ministry will be the information provider.

Quantitative Metrics

In addition to the story, with your help, we would like to collect as many of the metrics below as possible, reflecting the past two to three years. In the event you don’t currently have that information, that’s fine; please begin to collect and monitor that information for the future.
You will be able to provide these numbers on the same form where you will submit your draft story (see Step 2 above)
  • Number of people impacted by your ministry’s services
  • Number of volunteers from outside the ministry and sum of their volunteer hours
  • For HIGH SCHOOLS and UNIVERSITIES – sum of student service hours
  • Pounds of food collected to either be given to clients or donated
  • Cash collected/generated and donated
  • Number of meals served to people in need
  • Number of items donated (Christmas gifts, toys, clothing, etc., for others)
  • Other – please identify and quantify

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