Enfield Montessori School Recognizes Teachers

The entire EMS community recently celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week. The celebration took many forms. Parents and guardians graciously provided lunch and tulip plants for all the faculty and staff. The Felician Sisters from the Our Lady of the Angels Convent also took time to remember the teachers with a basket full of treats. In inviting the teachers to take a tulip plant home, the parents noted, “Dear Teachers: Please take one home and always remember the gratitude we have for all you do and all you are.”

Holy Name of Mary CS Holds Retreat

The Grade 12 students recently participated in their first in-person retreat in over two years. The theme of the retreat was” Ascent,” highlighting the key topics of moving forward onto the next chapter of their lives in line with what is God’s plan and purpose for their lives. The day began with Mass at Mary, Star of the Sea Parish in Port Credit. Fr. Michael Simoes celebrated Mass for specifically for the graduating class. He recognized the difficulties that the students faced during the pandemic and noted that God can give clarity, comfort, and next steps to move forward in life.
After being grounded in the Eucharist, the group enjoyed brunch together. Students raved about how refreshing it was to enjoy a meal together and build community in that way. Even scripture states that Jesus saw the value of sharing a meal together. The rest of the retreat was experienced at school where students listened to scripture, had small group discussions, and enjoyed opportunities for prayer and team building activities.
The retreat came at a particularly challenging and busy time in the school year, and many students felt renewed and connected. Strengthened by God and supported by their teachers, these students stand ready to face the end of their high school experience.
-from the HNMCS Facebook page.

Felician University Installs New President

Felician University recently installed its sixth president – James Crawford, III. The university hosted an Inauguration Mass and celebrated with a BBQ on the quad with the entire Felician community. SM Geralyn Mroczkowski, CEO of Felician Services, participated in the inaugural event. Felician University posted a peppy video from the event on social media.

Villa St. Francis Celebrates Easter

Villa St. Francis residents recently participated in a variety of events in order to celebrate Easter. Some residents participated in an Easter cooking class focused on making marshmallow nests. Other residents in Angela’s Crossing Memory Care, a program which cares for residents with dementia and Alzheimer’s, created pretzel treats in beautiful Spring pastels. Villa St. Francis ensures that all residents participate in programs that insure dignity and quality of life.

St. Felix Pantry Receives Grant

Representative Joshua Hernandez (District 60 in the State of New Mexico) proposed Junior Bill funding for St. Felix Pantry which was recently approved. St. Felix Pantry received $100,000 in unrestricted dollars. Representative Hernandez shared his story with the staff and volunteers of his childhood experience of food insecurity. He remembered St. Felix Pantry because he would visit it with his grandparents to get food when he was a young boy.  He stated, “when I was growing up, I remember going with my grandma to pick up her commodities with one of the locations being referred to as ‘Barbara Loop.’ As I grew up and moved to Rio Rancho, I realized that St. Felix Pantry was the place that had helped my grandparents for so many years. I am eternally grateful to them for helping my family and many more like mine who face food insecurity.”
Staff, volunteers and Rep. Hernandez prayed for an end to food insecurity.

Special Edition: A Historic Meeting in Los Angeles

On Monday, May 2nd, 2022, the St. Anne’s Family Services team, under the leadership of Lorna Little (CEO and President), welcomed the Our Lady of Hope Provincial Council and the Felician Services, Inc., Board of Directors. In January 2021, the Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart in Illinois, which had served as St. Anne’s sponsor for more than eight decades, transferred sponsorship to the Our Lady of Hope Province. Unfortunately, COVID delayed the initial in-person meeting of the Sponsor, the Member, and the newest ministry in the Felician family. Finally able to greet each other face-to-face, the Sisters, the Board, and the St. Anne’s team radiated with joy throughout this first delightful meeting. All guests met each other, toured the amazing social service agency that St. Anne’s is, and enjoyed some socializing.
S Jeremy Marie Midura (EVP Mission at FSI) began the day with a prayer service and commissioning to surround the St. Anne’s Family Services team with the charism of Blessed Mary Angela and the Felician Sisters. Members of the Felician Services Executive Leadership Team – SM Geralyn Mroczkowski (CEO), Terry Schweizer (President), and Janet McGuirk (EVP Finance and Senior Ministry Advisor for St. Anne’s) joined her. During the heart of the prayer service, S Judith Marie Kubicki (Provincial Minister) called the St. Anne’s team to the words of BL Mary Angela, and Lorna Little, CEO of St. Anne’s, later commented to all guests that the words resonated with her approach to leadership. Following the prayer service, leaders at St. Anne’s provided tours of the primary facility, guests got on a bus to take tours of other St. Anne’s locations, and guests then returned to the primary location for meetings followed by a celebratory dinner. Much gratitude to the amazing team at St. Anne’s! Deo Gratias!

If you would like to learn more about St. Anne’s, Lorna Little, and her leadership style, please watch this recently recorded webinar (scroll down the page).

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