Felician Children’s Center Rallies to Support Jackson Interfaith Shelter

Recently, under the leadership of Tracy-Smith Jackson, CEO and President, as well as SM Victoria Richardson, Mission Leader, the smallest of children and their families contributed to a fundraiser to raise monies for people who utilize the Jackson Interfaith Shelter. Through this early example of the Felician Core Values for Ministry in action, leaders are able to demonstrate for the children, their parents, and their caregivers the importance of how every little gift is meaningful when standing in solidarity with people in need.

OLSH Participates in 32nd Annual Love Walk

On Sunday, February 13th, OLSH celebrated the Valentine’s Day holiday with a well-attended liturgy and the 32nd annual Love Walk for the Poor on the OLSH campus. A total of 45 people including students, parents, faculty, staff, board members, and Sisters of the Coraopolis Convent attended the event. OLSH Mission Leader Jeff Hulbert carries on this this tradition that was founded by the late Felician Sister Louise Olsofka. OLSH collected 30 bags of food for Our Lady’s Pantry as well as over 100 baby items for Choices Pregnancy Center.

Villa Maria College Stands in Solidarity with Students in Need by Promoting Equity and Access

Recently, in an effort to demonstrate equity and accessibility, Villa Maria College offered to cover the full costs of books and supplies for students. As President Matt Giordano stated, “what people don’t realize is that a lot of our students and students at all colleges are working. They’re trying to support their families. They have to pay for transportation and food and this means that they can maybe work a few less hours or they don’t have to take out an extra loan in order to pay for college. that’s a huge relief to them”
Enjoy the news article and video that WIVB produced regarding this story here.

St. Anne Home Bids a Fond Farewell and a Welcome

Recently, Chaplain Father Liber Ortega celebrated his last Mass at St. Anne Home as he has been assigned to a church in the Diocese of Greensburg. After celebrating Mass, he received a blessing from residents and staff, along with a gift and a reception followed. St. Anne Home stands grateful for Fr. Liber’s ministry, which made a lasting impact on all of those he served. Fr. Liber serenaded the crowd with You Are My Sunshine.
On  Ash Wednesday, St. Anne began its Lenten journey when residents received ashes during Mass this morning from the new chaplain, Fr. Stephen Concordia, O.S.B. The residents provided him with a warm welcome.

St. Felix Centre Participates in Coldest Night of the Year

In order to support their clients, St. Felix Centre and members of the community that serve them, participated in the annual Coldest Night event in Toronto. St. Felix Centre sees this event as an honor as like-minded partners walk together in the cold. Everyone who has been involved in this event in some way is a change-maker as they transform the lives of those experiencing homelessness by bringing in funds and awareness. Theses actions demonstrate to guests at St. Felix Centre that people care about them and want to make a difference.
More information about the donors and donations can be found here.

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