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This video, recorded in November 2023, provides an outline regarding implementing a Risk Assessment as well as how to utilize the resources here. If you have questions, please connect with the ministry’s Senior Ministry Advisor who will help to provide you with support from either the Felician Services Corporate Compliance Officer or other team members.

Learn about risks

Review all the potential risk areas in detail and at your own pace.

Choose a Path

Choose the best path for your ministry and needs.

Path #1

Download & Go!

If the ministry is interested in utilizing a worksheet to conduct a risk assessment, the ministry can download this Google Sheet as an Excel file or copy it to a new Google Sheet. It is conditionally formatted to show colors highlighting risks.

Path #2

Enlist FSI Support

Are you a ministry leader or compliance committee chair and you’re interested in utilizing an online form collection tool with your leadership team and/or compliance committee to put some ease into gathering information?

  • Preview the electronic form we can administer on your behalf
  • Review a sample report we can produce for you

If you’re interested in these services, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch. We need about four to six weeks lead time to collect responses and produce a report. Thank you!